Speculative, World building, Modeling
Speculative fictional Videos

Explored a speculative future where prevalent environmental and social concerns, such as pollution, labor practices, and emotional well-being, have undergone significant changes.


Women of House Capulet

Tools: RunwayML, Descript AI, DeepFakes, Premier

In this project, Yue, Yining and I re-created our version of Romeo and Juliet, depicting the relationships of the female characters: Juliet, Nurse, and Lady Capulet. What would this story be like if the movie is acted by the digital twins of the three of us?


Wearable Design

DUST is a video project that explores the relationship between the speculative making space and human agency in future. In the project, body, especially lung and mouths have became the primary tool to collect dust produced from human skin cells, hair and mites. 


Tools: Unity, C4D
The video illustrates urban growth in a vivarium through simulations and design.

Imaginaries of Work

Tools: Blender. Daz3D.Premiere Pro.
The project aims to speculate on an idealized future of using domestic outsourcing to quantify unpaid domestic care and work.