Branding, Graphic Design, Curation
Exhibition Branding and Curation

Curated and designed the exhibition, loneliness, exhibited in GuMei and M50 in Shanghai.





Exhibit Designer
Graphic Design

May- Nov 2020

Amber Zhang, Chole Wang
Sanwu Design Team

Photoshop, Illustrator,
After Effects

My responsibility

Led visual contents, interactive exhibition experience and poster design for the exhibition. Cooperated with the young artists from home and abroad discussing the topic on epidemic situation of students mental health, and launched related offline activities. Contacted with sponsors and collaborators.


The exhibition is sponsored by Pepsi (Shanghai), and collaborated with Monument Valley. The month-long non-profit exhibition "lonely exhibition - edge and consciousness" in Shanghai Gumei Art Center and M50, attracted 100+ daily visitors.

About Exhibition
This year's sudden epidemic has changed the normality of people's lives. The loneliness of home isolation, the anxiety after the disruption of life's rhythm, and even life after the epidemic have made us understand ourselves in a new way and look at loneliness anew. Who am I? Why did I come to this world? What is my mission in this world? What can I do for myself? What can I do for this society? Loneliness. It is a sensory experience of subjective self-conscious isolation and alienation from others or society, rather than an objective state. Every individual in the world has a different perspective on loneliness.

The exhibition proposes an interpretation of each individual’s psychological state in today’s society, and further explores the relationship between self and environment in a personal context, visually expressing the intention of “loneliness” and self-healing.
Exhibition images